Spend some time everyday looking out your window the old woman said to her. Notice things that are right under your nose. And if anyone tells you not to walk around with your head in the clouds, do not under any circumstances listen to them. Cloud air as it happens is exceedingly good for the constitution. Also make sure there is at least one window in your house that you can lean out of. This is an excellent way to take the temperature of the day, and it has a marvelous effect on the heart — in that it fills it with joy and renews its willingness to beat. When you drink coffee sip it slowly and always sitting down. Preferably in front of a window or a good book (which often times amount to pretty much the same thing). Alternatively, sit down next to someone who loves you dearly. And do not say anything, or alternatively say a good deal of nothing to each other in tender tones. At least three times a day listen for birdsong. Train your ears to tune into these sounds. Do not become adept at the art of blanking out the beautiful and thankfully un-monetized moments of your day. Scrub your kitchen floor every other week. Because it brings you close to the ground and reminds you of the honor that dwells in humble work, while simultaneously producing a clean kitchen floor. And in troubled times do not stir the stew of your discontent- do not let it simmer. Switch off the stove and take a walk. Pick apples if it is the season for apples- if it is not the season for apples pick something else round and sweet and simple. Look up at the sky. Look at the sun shining as brightly as it can to please you and win your attention. If the sun is hiding behind clouds remember how much you like cloudy days. When you have walked far enough to make your feet wonder a little warily whether they are going to be able to carry you back then turn around and walk back but not just exactly the way you came. Try and get a little lost before you find yourself back on the right road. This is one way to have an adventure. When you get home walk directly to the stove and pick up the cooled-off stew with both your hands, cup it carefully, even though you are going to pour it directly down the sink, still, handle it with respect, and a little regret for the waste. And then wash your hands and whistle if you know how. Whistle merrily not carelessly. You want to convey a sense not of nonchalance which can be uncaring but of joyousness which can be contagious.  

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