Reckless Abandon

This morning I looked out of the window just in time to see a dive bombing blue jay. The sight impressed me greatly. The way he dropped from a high tree branch, streaking like a small comet or a superhero. Swooping upward only at the very last possible second. Because he did not appear to have one, I gave him a name. I called him: Reckless Abandon. It suits him well. This daring, winged creature. I believe he is destined to be famous in my world. For he showed me how flying can look alarmingly like falling. He showed me too, how too full of reck I am. How reluctant to abandon anything. Why? he demanded to know. This blue strident bird. I had no answer. But one day, old, time-wizened, happy, I will look out the window. Ready to leave my perch. I will remember the flight of Reckless Abandon. And how it changed everything

4 responses to “Reckless Abandon

  • bhavani

    lovely again pavithra. enjoyed reading this…

    we all get too comfortable on our perches and sometimes forget the joy of flying.. sometimes even simple things like our appearance, let alone more important things like work, dreams etc.

  • Sabita

    Pavi, spent a couple of hours reading your writing again, it gives me as much happiness as it did years ago…hugs…Sabi

    • Pavithra K. Mehta

      Sabi — so good to see you here. I don’t dare count the years it’s been since I’ve seen you. It’s been far too many. When I think of you, you always have a smile wide as sunshine on your face 🙂 I hope you are well and full of all kinds of happiness. Hugs right back at you.

  • Rekha Masilamani

    Pavitra: What are you saying at the end of your piece Blue Jay? When you are old and wizened, and ready to leave your perch by the window… You have me worried!
    I enjoy your pieces. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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