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You who set these snares,

Release me, flower-shaken

Heart drowning in light.

Stargazer pollen of 1 lily + kajal shard & 1 bedazzled brush

For Rilke

A sideways pursuit

Head bowed, no hands, tail thrashing

Living the questions.

Stargazer pollen from 1 lily, beet juice, lemongrass-scented chai dregs, kajal splinter & 1 questing brush

Summer’s Vintage

Fall tips the bottle

Flowers open fading throats

One last swill of sun.

Stargazer pollen of 1 lily + beet juice + sip of saffron-threaded chai + kajal shard & 1 bittersweet brush


Curvaceous mermaid

On rocky perch, singing sea

To land — ampersand.

Stargazer pollen from 1 lily + beet juice + cardamom-scented chai dregs + kajal chip + 1 footloose brush & pen

Unexpected Me

Turned hotly to strike,

Tripped on electric surprise

My coiling beauty.

Turmeric-tinged water + coffee grounds + streak of kajal & 1 capricious brush

Some Days

On some days heart is

a small, fantastical bird

with ruffled feathers

Stargazer pollen from 1 fresh-bloomed lily + saffron-laced chai dregs + a sliver of kajal + 1 nonchalant brush & pen


This love lifts from me

Like summer pollen riding

Bareback on the breeze.

Stargazer pollen dust from 1 brazenly fragrant lily + the very last sip of afternoon coffee + a splinter of kajal & 1 impetuous paintbrush

No Fixed Address

June 20th 2022, San Juan Blvd, Belmont CA

To be indiscriminately captivated means to be at home anywhere, everywhere, nowhere. Why fault this faculty? Single-mindedness is so often misapplied. Would she tell the bumblebee not to be so flighty? Would she command the butterfly to be less fickle? So much depends on their roving eyes, their ravishing way.

Her life, and theirs. 

To be one with the Ten Thousand Things is her true nature. This is not dispersion. It is the end of a long exile. After living cramped in a dingy attic, like the blighted stepchild of fairytales– a return to a vast homeland.‚Äč

The heart, she discovered with a start, has no fixed address.