No Fixed Address

June 20th 2022, San Juan Blvd, Belmont CA

To be indiscriminately captivated means to be at home anywhere, everywhere, nowhere. Why fault this faculty? Single-mindedness is so often misapplied. Would she tell the bumblebee not to be so flighty? Would she command the butterfly to be less fickle? So much depends on their roving eyes, their ravishing way.

Her life, and theirs. 

To be one with the Ten Thousand Things is her true nature. This is not dispersion. It is the end of a long exile. After living cramped in a dingy attic, like the blighted stepchild of fairytales– a return to a vast homeland.​

The heart, she discovered with a start, has no fixed address.

3 responses to “No Fixed Address

  • vaishali

    loved it………….the heart has no fixed address………….so very true.

  • maranelancheran

    Luckily, reading this in the middle of nowhere, walking in the commons, wading thru the cows, from the Bear hill of Rodborough to the ups and downs of Stroud, to attend a board meeting of Zero Carbon Academy, to find ways for everyone to be carbon neutral, but then honestly, one has to find one’s own way, trusting the instincts and the sense of direction, while immersing in the rolling green hills and whistling leaves, to the destination of this moment, like this butterfly…

    there are many paths on the ground to follow and some for one to carve… and there are good old wooden benches on the way to sit and take note.

  • vaishali

    hello. pls don’t retreat to your cave. we have been missing your daily posts. those few days felt like a sudden windfall. have been savoring every moment wherein i open my mailbox to a blog update from you. pls keep writing. am missing your thoughts and sharing.

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