When You Wish Upon a Star

Here’s a beautiful new word and its meaning that I stumbled upon today: 


Apparently any identified pattern or grouping of stars that is not one of the 88 formally designated constellations is an asterism. 

Orion the Hunter? A seven star constellation. The stars glinting in the ruler-straight-line of said hunter’s belt?  A three star asterism. And those three particular stars? They are also known as the Three Sisters. Each with a hauntingly beautiful name– Alnitak, Alnilam and Mintaka. 

I am going to digress a moment here, because en route to learning about asterisms I encountered a website. I feel I must inform you of the existence of Starregistration.net. Where you can purchase for a loved one, wonders like a binary star (ie a combination of two stars,) in a constellation of your choice. According to this reputed website, a constellation is, “a grope of stars that are recognized worldwide by the International Astronomic Union.” As far as collective nouns go — isn’t ‘a grope of stars’ rather extraordinary? There is also a generous educational component to the website. Visitors are informed that nuances are important and:

 “We should differentiate and be careful when we speak about such terms as “Buying a Star,” “Naming a Star,” or even “Owning a Star.” All of these can mean slightly different things. Buying and naming a star is an excellent gift idea. Still, it is helpful for anyone doing this to understand the main concepts in order not to be misled.” 

Is your interest sufficiently whetted? Yes? Then let me also inform you that this illustrious site has a seasonal special going on with 30% OFF EVERYTHING and free shipping to the United States. Do not be misled. Not all binary stars will make it through customs– but one can hope.

With love and a grope of stars,


3 responses to “When You Wish Upon a Star

  • Rohit

    If you’re not feeling like stars on a certain day, you could also explore buying tigers (with door delivery) here http://www.buytigers.com/

  • vaishali

    ha ha 30% off on everything. what a steal. grope is suspiciously close to groping. i am wary and on the edge here. troop of stars is what i will go with if i may be allowed to.

    • Pavithra K. Mehta

      In the imagination everything is allowed so certainly go with whatever word you please now and always Vaishali 🙂 And yes, the unfortunate connotations of the word are part of what make the typo that turned the innocent ‘group’ to the suspicious ‘grope’ such a tongue-in-cheek delight!

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