The Order of the Day

Today I woke from a dream and considered the sly miracle of the exchange. That world for this one. Then I stepped into the shower like a fairytale queen, bathing in her own personal waterfall. I pulled on a cotton tunic — and marveled that it is given to us, not just to eat plants but to wear them too.  I lingered at the window with a cup of chai. I gazed at the horizon and christened a faraway tree. I let the sun kiss my face all over.  

I wrote a few letters, I admired a glossy crow, I swept the floor and pondered an imponderable. When I cooked lunch I sliced vegetables with the reverence of a priest. Carrots, cucumbers, onions, and radishes and — how like us they are! Skin-sheathed packets of flesh, only with more ordered inner lives. Later I weeded the garden like a young god, making virtuous, implacable decisions (until I felt a pang of compunction.) I placed my hand on a sun-warmed rock. I leaned my forehead against the grizzled bark of a tree. And learned again, to breathe.

I tended and tweaked, and took care of. I read, and relished, absorbed and adored and wrestled a little. I noticed somethings but not others. I nibbled on almonds and played with possibilities. I remembered, I forgot, I yawned. I crouched, swiveled and spun. I praised all of my fingers and toes. Then I stood upside down to feel the full weight of the blessings that carry me.

I laughed too many times to count. I teared up twice. I imagined a few things that shook me. Then I danced for a long time, in the living room, to the music in my heart.

At night I turned on a single lamp. I rested my head on a beloved shoulder, and gave darkness permission to fall. 

6 responses to “The Order of the Day

  • santacartwright

    It’s so beautiful touches my heart brightens my day life is better with poems and poetry and your take on it thank you !!!🙌♥️🌷🌷🌷

  • Vaishali Nilesh

    Oh so beautiful…….the richness of a regular normal day……only you can present it in all its glory and grandeur….thank you for this slice of grace and elegance

    Love you my dear Pavithra. You are a blessing. More power to your pen.

    • Pavithra K. Mehta

      Your warmth and love is felt and appreciated Vaishali! Wishing you many rich, grace-filled “regular” days!

  • gdammann

    Pavi, I loved, Love you, loved this picture/problem. It brought me to laughter and to tears – –the wonder of you and your use of words and heart.

    Much love and deep bow, Grace

    • Pavithra K. Mehta

      Deep bow and so much love right back your way dearest Grace. You are often in our thoughts and always in our hearts. Would that we lived closer! What a joy it would be to have tea in the garden and puzzle and laugh over life koans together.

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