Listen. Let your voice fall truly silent, that velvet soul tones might speak. The tiredness you feel is a signal of the will rushing, when the spirit wishes to be still. There is a light in you now that has its own logic, purpose and place. You are not its creator. Learn to respect it with a serious sincerity and an easy joy. Trembling beneath your skin is the wisdom, peace and completeness you long for. But you are a little addicted to the thrill of the chase, the fierce edge of your want. Slow your steps to the pace of your heartbeat. Match the fullness of the moment with the fullness of your attention. Why do you scatter yourself like a startled flock of birds? There are better ways to move through the day. Consider the sleek coherence of the jungle cat. Unhurried even when moving her fastest. This too can be you.

2 responses to “Catwalk

  • maranelancheran

    it is scary… not sure which one of it…
    the jungle cat.
    the unhurried pace.
    the single mind.
    the unhindered thought.
    the determination.
    the silence.
    that of being alone.
    but listening…
    ‘Trembling beneath your skin is the wisdom, peace and completeness you long for’ – like the infinite sensations that stream thru every cell, transporting into an inexplicable world when in vipassana.

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