Hole-y Work

A small and metaphorical hole in your sleeve steals your attention. Leaves little for all the threads that are still brilliantly holding the rest of your life together. This would not be an issue if your attention to the hole conducted itself usefully, if it located the nearest needle and thread and set to work repairing the rent. Instead your attention sees fit to play the role of a professional mourner, one of those women called in to village homes when someone has recently passed. The expert keener will beat her breast, and wail loudly, enacting a theater of grief, pitched to bring complex emotions to the surface, designed to sanction the scream stirring within the numb and newly shattered heart– to scream in its place, that pent-up pain might feel a slight release. This can be holy work. But what your attention forgets is that in the villages, after a respectable period of lusty lamenting, the professional mourner dries her tears. She straightens her sari, enjoys a steaming cup of coffee and a hot meal. She returns to the rest of her life with vigor and interest in all its still working parts. The gaping hole of loss is still part of her fabric but no longer its centerpiece. But you my friend permit every small tear to snare you entirely and with no clear end. You lament far too long– and over far too little! You think this is a form of dedication, but really it is just petty and unprofessional. Don’t be so incessantly seduced by every tiny imperfection in your life. Don’t sit and stare at the ripped places, like a person who will not leave the graveyard, even after the spirits have moved on and are dancing elsewhere.

7 responses to “Hole-y Work

  • Nicky Harvey

    Dear Pavithra

    It’s so lovely to find your poetic writings back in my inbox . I so appreciate your writing …so honest and inner and insightful .

    I wish you well in your life & trust that Love always will be there

    Nicky Harvey

    Sent from my iPad


  • maranelancheran

    If all atoms in the known universe go to the same party at the same time, leaving behind all the Angstroms, the 99.99999% of who we are, – then who are we? Is that nothing or is it everything? And, ha… the hole-y, the small, little parties, that spring up here and there, now and then reminding us of the big party… is it to lament or to rejoice or just muse… as you seem to do so well!

  • Sandra

    O (<= not a hole)

  • abhiadastra

    Just the thing I needed to hear today. I’m that person who is “so incessantly seduced by every tiny imperfection” and laments far too long over far too little.
    Thank you.

  • abhiadastra

    Just the thing I needed to read today. I’m that person who is “incessantly seduced by every tiny imperfection” and laments far too long over far too little.
    Thank you for your uplifting words.

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