Footsteps in the hall and the familiar sound of a key turning in its lock. My husband is home. He drops his lunch bag by the door like a schoolboy. Hurry, he says, there’s something time-sensitive you need to see. I am pulled to my feet by curiosity and the urgency in his voice. We hustle into the cool, dark arms of a January night. There, he says, pointing. And I see it. Low in an ink black sky, a glowing vowel. The incandescent moon. Floating in the valley like a delinquent bauble, barely skimming the tip of an ancient pine. I want to stretch my hands out to it like a child. How many millennia old is that impulse? How old is the relationship between mortals and the moon? …Time-sensitive… Like falling leaf the phrase flutters and gleams in the moonlight. I consider its truth and poetry for the first time, unsettled by awe. Hurry (whoever-wherever-whenever you are). There’s something time-sensitive you need to see.

9 responses to “Time-Sensitive

  • Doug Wilson


  • mia

    I love this. Seeing the moon as if for the first, standing in wonder and awe next to our loved one bathed in her light with childlike glee and ancient wisdom. Thank you for sharing your stories; your heart.

  • Nachiket L

    Yes, it is a Saturday morning and I have an agenda; to read your posts, post-Coleman Barks.
    5 excruciatingly long days of wait and 6 extremely alluring notifications titled ‘Poetry of’ in my mail box. Just sitting there in their binary form and unaware of their own beauty, waiting for my hungry eyes to gorge on them and for my anachronic brain to process and store as much as it can.(for this is my way of travelling time, transcending the not-so-vivid-lines that separate this beautiful world that we live in from the less subtle microcosm of our imagination).
    Oh yes, I take pride in considering myself as one of your privileged readers who served as a subject for ‘Selecting A Reader’ amongst myriad others.
    I cannot conjure a sentence that is so perfect that it begins to explain the immaculate brilliance in your art (I know, art is a loaded word and so I have used it very carefully), but again what do I know, for I am perfectly happy in being ‘comfortably insignificant’ and see your giant ensemble of words do its thing.
    Hope you never stop doing what you do, heaps of respect.

  • sparklinraindrops

    Beautiful Pavi. We’ve been doing phases of the moon, 4th std kids at MrsK so this came at the perfect time 🙂 hugs

  • Beloo Mehra

    It is a sheer joy to read your blog. Thank you for weaving such heart-stirring delights that also create a quiet and still moment for appreciating the beauty of each moment and every thing and all experience.

  • Audrey

    Dear Pavi, this poem made my heart glow. Thank you for such a stunning snapshot of a moment.

  • Turtledge

    ‘There is something time-sensitive you need to see’. It does apply to all things in time and space other than poems such as this one that transcends time! When is the next gem appearing?

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