The poetry of happiness depends on an element of surprise. It is lithe and built like a jungle cat. Adept in the art of camouflage, capable of consummate stillness and able to traverse large distances with great velocity. In ill-advised moments you find yourself stalking it through the jungle of the day with your too-loud feet and bad-timing (your species was not built for stalking). Later, in an unguarded moment, happiness will pounce on you. Roll you to the floor with soft paws and sit on your stomach gleefully. Joy will swallow you whole. Because you are prey to happiness. And always have been. Not the other way around. It. Has. Never. Been. The other way around.

18 responses to “Happiness

  • Mini Chandran Kurian

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  • Rachana

    I came upon your blog through a friend. I am absolutely mesmerized by your posts! Eagerly awaiting the next one!

  • Anjali

    Very interesting approach on Happiness! Really brought some perspective to my concept of Happiness 🙂

  • vaishali

    gosh u write like a dream. yr posts make me cry with unabashedness. totally missed out on the extrordinary in our daily mundane life. tks.tks.tks for sharing this vision.

  • turtledge.wordpress.com

    Wonderful imagery..

  • vaishali

    loved it. beautiful

  • nidhi

    Reblogged this on slate-d and commented:

  • ponderlust

    Was pointed toward your blog yesterday and have not left since. Lyrical, dreamy and leaves you thirsting for more. Bravo!

  • Vidya

    And isn’t that just a little bit sad?

  • vaishali

    pavithra pls pls pls write more often

  • shubas

    Pavithra, are you Nipun’s SIL?

  • roshni15

    Very well written! And I think this is where the beauty of happiness is – the fact that we are prey to it and it’s not the other way around. We wouldn’t appreciate it enough if it was.
    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  • Anandam Ravi

    The Poetry of….Pavithra is dew dripping into parched lips, just enough to sustain, never to spoil!

  • Ramsu

    This could just as easily have been written about poetry, and specifically your blog posts. Every so often, the memory of one of these posts of yours bubbles up to the surface of my consciousness, more or less unbidden. And every time that happens, I find myself pausing for a few seconds, sometimes several, trying to remember all of it. Or failing that (which is typically the case), getting on the internet and reading the piece again. And again.

    I am prey to it. Not the other way around.

  • Nandi Vardhan

    You are a blessed writer… u have a very impressive and attractive skill to put your imagination in a specific flow of words that go deep into the heart leaving a trail of heavy impact…and your spell binding narration makes the reader wanting to pour over and over. It tickles the creative corner hidden deep and teases the thought process.
    “Powerful overflow of words recollected in tranquility” that what i believe about poetry…. The power of your imagination is exceptional and remarkable…I am enthralled and i am your fannnnnn…. just 2 readings and it has got me deeply interested…
    Thank you for wonderful writings…
    keep them coming

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