Spun Leaf

The poetry of spunleafmoongriefallinglightlyglowingbrightly… red leaf ballerina-spins alone towards the ground. A perfect moon drifts into view it makes no sound. My noisy heart must learn to fall with that kind of grace. And to witness this world and its grief with such a shining face.

One response to “Spun Leaf

  • Pancho

    The poetry of A Lap Around the Sun is the poetry of space and also the poetry of time. It is something that revolves around shining eyes as one travels in the Cosmos from knowledge to wisdom. Wrinkles and planetary love. Grey hair weaving the wisdom of the SOULar system. The poetry of another lap around the Sun is subjective because in Mars you’d be half “your age”! Never mind around the Milky Way! The poetry of another lap around the Sun is a celebration of invisible selfless service: a party where you dance and kiss and hug inside my heart where no one sees you. How is that we measure space-time by going around a star? Perhaps this explains why this heart seems eternal, as we’ve been revolving around you, Beloved One. So this is my gift! I send you the Crescent Moon, letter written in weak ink, on paper made of white lotus, composed of memories, and of hopes, of histories you already know and of dreams. What is says of importance is that I love you. Receive the Crescent Moon, letter that has lost its envelope, whose seal has been broken but nobody knows where or when…

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